This site is written and administered by Tanya Jones who lives in Enniskillen in Northern Ireland (as an English blow-in) with some of her family (her eldest son wanders the world playing chess while the second does musical, poetic and funny things in Belfast, leaving only the third (according to the fairy tales, the one who will restore the family fortunes) still at home counting beans) a dog (see www.terrierdiary.com ) several bikes and no car.  She is the author of several books, including the Ophelia series of comic novels, Girotondo, a mystery novel set in Lucca where the family lived a few years ago and Summer 17 which is now available in Kindle format. Her most recent book, the dark comedy Fracking Up is now out in paperback and Kindle. As well as writing, Tanya runs an online bookshop at Crystal Bard Books which includes a wide range of Italian language books and her Pen & Inkblog about books and writing .

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  1. Catherine G

    thanks for detailed information.sorry I’m unable to make the meeting. I hope it goes well from your point of view.


  2. Katrina Alton

    Hi Tanya
    Discovered your excellent blog after you left a message of support on the London Catholic Worker Facebook page in support of the action I took part in at the MoD: all support is apprecaited.
    John Dear and the Catholic Workers have greatly inspired me too! Since becoming a Catholic in 2001 (I was raised a Baptist in Belfast) i have struggled to keep my eyes fixed on the nonviolent Jesus who calls me each day to live in the light of the Gospel of peace, being easily distracted by the pomp and hot air that keeps most of the Church drifting on. But take heart! There are great women and men doing great things!!!
    Keep the faith

  3. admin Post author

    Thank you very much, Katrina, for your comment – I feel really honoured that you commented here. I’ve had to add a postscript to the post about Greenbelt, in light of John Dear’s own blog and what he says about Cardinal Keith O’Brien’s antinuclear stance – that humbled me… The issue of nonviolent direct action is one that I talk about in my new book, Fracking Up, which is just out on Kindle – I hope I’m on the right lines. Meanwhile thank you, from my heart, for all that you do, and the inspiration you are to those of us who stay safely behind our keyboards. Under the Mercy, as Charles Williams would say, Tanya

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