Limited means?

I’ve been watching bits of Charley Boorman’s travel programme, By Any Means, in which he travels from Ireland to Australia using, according to the website “over 110 modes of transport”. Sadly, an awful lot of the hundred and ten turn out to be different models of car, along with several virtually empty buses. Admittedly, he doesn’t fly, at least so far, but then (on the whole) neither did Michael Palin, when he did this sort of thing much more charmingly a couple of decades ago. By Any Means had a lot of talk about logistics, and film of harassed producers buzzing about “the London office”, all of which seemed a little over-the-top for what was after all, a completely arbitrary endeavour. But it at least helped me to put my Eurostar panic into proportion.

Meanwhile many thanks to Paulo for his comment and link to the Bike2Oz website. I’m really looking forward to watching Lowanna and Kevin’s adventures, and expect to be a great deal more inspired than by BAM.