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Green Lassie

Since being selected as the Green Party Parliamentary candidate for Fermanagh & South Tyrone, I have started a new blog, which will be my campaign diary. It will be updated much more regularly, but have shorter, more narrative posts. If there’s anything unconnected with the election campaign that I want to write about in more detail, that will happen here, but otherwise please visit the new one.

The new new look

I decided that the sunny sky was too fussy, so we’re minimalist now.  Meanwhile I have quite a substantial post to upload, but am having problems with the images, so it’s on hold until the technical support team (a.k.a. M.) can take a look at it for me.

The New Look

As my long-standing and observant readers may notice, we have a new theme, a sunny blue sky in place of the, let’s face it, rather bleak, lonely tree under which we’ve pondered for so long. Does this represent a new optimistic attitude, a confidence that, despite appearances to the contrary, the world is becoming a better place? Is it, perhaps, a response to the election of Pope Francis I, with his inspiring call for a poor church for the poor? Is it a reflection of the fact that, notwithstanding the blizzards, we are well into March, and the daffodils are out? Or am I just an unreconstructed flibbertigibbet?